Strangers to Temptation, stories by Scott Gould


"It's all here: War, death, racism, love, sorrow, kindness and big-ass Lincolns with icily effective air conditioning. Strangers to Temptation should elevate Gould into the vanguard of modern Southern writers."   Peter Carlin, bestselling author of Bruce and Homeward Bound

"Gould writes beautifully of a boyhood where low country nature, wild and snakey, reigns over all: Life and death, heat and humidity, black swampwater rivers, and the joy of being a country boy riding his bike at night. Rest easy, Mr. Conroy. The rich literary traditions of the South live on."  Wilton Barnhardt, author of Lookaway, Lookaway

"Strangers to Temptation is one of those rare debuts where you think to yourself, where the hell has this guy been hiding?" David Joy, author of The Weight of this World 

"With heart of humor, this is an impressive debut."  Natalie Baszile, author of Queen Sugar

"In the tradition of Lewis Nordan, Gould's now-adult narrator looks back on negotiating his small southern landscape with both an unflinching and frightful eye, confronted by the distorted, maimed, misunderstood, well-meaning, and good denizens of Kingstree."  George Singleton, author of Calloustown

"In Strangers to Temptation Gould mesmerizes the reader and shows him the world anew--a Southern world, the world of a boy just coming into his own."  Daniel Wallace, author of Extraordinary Adventures